ncome Tax & Goods and Services Tax
Today, the tax matters are very complex, we provide comprehensive solutions in the area of direct taxation like Income tax and Goods and Services Tax.

Range of Services

A. Compliance

  • Preparing and filing of Tax Returns.
  • Attending Assessment Proceedings.
  • Preparing, filing and representing of Tax Appeals.
  • Attending Appellate Proceedings.
  • Services related to withholdings taxes.
  • Transfer Pricing Reports under Income Tax Provisions.

B. Advisory

  • Tax planning.
  • Advice and opinion on issues arising under direct and indirect tax laws.
  • Designing tax-efficient pay-packages for executives.
  • Liaison with attorney’s abroad for MNCs

International Taxation

The process of liberalization which is now well merged in Indian policies has led to a surge in the entry of multinational companies into India. Simultaneously Indian companies have established their presence in global markets. The interplay of domestic and international taxes incident on these companies often results in complex situations. Converging on an optimum solution requires taking a view on the "total" tax impact rather than a country specific examination. International Services offered by us include: AACO brings together skilled economists, legal, finance and tax professionals with extensive experience in transfer pricing and international tax issues.

Transfer Pricing

The appropriate transfer pricing strategy balances opportunity and risk management, weighing effective tax-rate optimizations against fiscal-authority challenges and the costs of compliance.

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